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When it comes to home improvements in South Croydon, nothing compares to the importance of quality. The benefits of superior products, installations and workmanship vastly outweigh short-lived advantages gained from cutting corners. Pro Build Solutions Ltd only uses premium materials in our work as house painters and decorators, kitchen fitters and exterior painters. Likewise, the tiling and bathroom installations conducted by our team, much like our wider range of services, provide multiple benefits.


Below, we have taken a closer look at a handful of these advantages, illustrating why our services prove so popular with property owners in South Croydon.


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Benefits of Using Pro Build Solutions Ltd


Kitchen Installations


As with our bathroom installations, new kitchens offer an array of benefits, including improved functionality. From induction hobs to double ovens, and from separate recycling bins to under-cabinet lighting, the results we achieve as a kitchen fitter make life simpler.


As a kitchen fitter, we also work to the principle of the ‘work triangle’. While this may not necessarily increase the space within a kitchen, it makes more efficient use of it. A highly-functional new kitchen can add as much as 6% to the value of a South Croydon home.


Perhaps most importantly, our kitchen fitters help to turn dream kitchens into stunning realities. With proficiency as a tiling specialist and as house painters and decorators, we can work to any brief.


Tiling Specialist


The primary benefit of having tiling installed by experienced professionals lays in the immaculate finish. While this may look simple, it represents years of practice and training.


Not only does our tiling look fantastic in kitchens, bathroom installations or anywhere else in the house, they also require less maintenance and repair work in the future. When laid in outside areas, we can combine our tiling expertise with our proficiency as exterior painters for impressive results.


What’s more, with vast experience as bathroom and kitchen fitters, we order the exact amount of tiling materials needed from the outset. DIY enthusiasts in South Croydon and across the UK tend to order too much to start with and then use their materials inefficiently.


Interior House Painters & Exterior Painters


When it comes to painting projects, we stand by an old saying: a good paint job may not be noticed, but a bad one will haunt you. Whether as house painters or exterior painters, our services benefit South Croydon property owners by removing the stress associated with painting and decorating.


Firstly, we turnaround jobs in a far quicker time when compared with a DIY project. This not only produces faster, better results, it does so with minimal waste materials, helping to keep costs within budget.


Whether we work as house painters and decorators or exterior painters, our results require minimal, if any, repeat work. By utilising superior products and equipment, we create finishes that last for many years to come.


Bathroom Installations


Much like our work as a kitchen fitter, bathroom installations offer homeowners a wide range of benefits. As a sanctuary where we spend the beginning and end of every day, it seems fitting to prioritise comfort and functionality with new bathroom installations. With features such as heated mirrors, underfloor heating, heated towel racks, thermostatic showers and bespoke tiling, the bathroom will swiftly become your new favourite room.


In addition, modern features like sinks, toilets and showers have been designed to make efficient use of water. This often unexpected benefit can help lower the utility bills for your South Croydon property.


For those considering moving home in the future, a new bathroom installation raises property value by approximately 6%, making it a wise investment.

From house painters to kitchen fitters, and from exterior painters to tiling specialists, for more information about any of our services in South Croydon, call 07888 010 202.

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